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Re: Reconciling credit card processing deposits

Chris Jones
- 10/30/2014 16:33:38
I think that's exactly what is needed. A way to import Paid invoices into the bank statement. 

I can open source the Bluepay integration for matching invoices with deposits if someone would be willing to help out on importing paid invoices into the bank statement. I'm a reseller of Bluepay too so if you want to use them for credit card processing let me know. Otherwise for those using the code might be helpful to build a similar connection to their API. 

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 1:23 PM, Gonzalo Ruzafa <> wrote:

In my opinion, the origin of the problem is the impossibility to bring Paid Invoices to the bank statement. Of course you cannot keep your invoices opened when they have already been paid until the end of the months, that would cause continuos difference between Odoo bank accounts balance and real ones (the only alternative would be to reduce the time gap between bank reconcilliations).

If you could bring Paid Invoices to the bank statement, that would not need to be concilled later during the concilling process, but would just add in order to go from the start balance to the end balance.

Summing up, these would be the modifications required:

  1. Possibility to bring Paid Invoices to the bank statement 
  2. Don't introduce them in the concilling process

We are willing to start working on this Chris, let us know, maybe we can do it together.

Opinions are welcome!

Ing. Gonzalo Ruzafa
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