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Re: Any POS implementation case using PosBox in China?

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 10/29/2014 06:31:41
We have to test the POSbox on CJK but we do have a POS set (with Ubuntu+Odoo running as proxy) with which we can properly print in Chinese.
Printer model: XP-C2008
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On Mon, 2014-10-27 at 18:52 +0000, Olivier Dony wrote:
On 10/25/2014 03:37 PM, Yoshi Tashiro wrote:
> I would like to know if there been any POS implementation case using PosBox in
> China.  Our client in Japan has purchased a PosBox for their POS
> implementation, and it just turned out that the receipt does not print Kanji
> (Chinese characters).  Other Japanese characters (Hiragana and Katakana) are
> converted into single-byte version of Katakana on the printed receipt.
> So, I guess PosBox currently does not support doube-byte characters.

You're right, the support for CJK characters is only partial and experimental 
at the moment in the POSBox, due to the complexities of the ESC/POS system for 
these characters, and the fact that only regional versions of the printers 
support them.
In particular Japanese/Chinese/Taiwanese Kanji are not supported at all yet.

> I would like to know if this understanding is correct and if there is any quick
> workaround for this (I am not used to working with RPi images).  My question is
> directed more towards people who work in China/Chinese market as I think there
> must be some preceding cases with the same problem.

There is no quick workaround for this, apart from changing the names of the 
product to use supported characters only.

Our current experimental implementation relies on single-page ESC/POS code 
pages, while true Kanji support seems to require switching to JIS/Shift-JIS 
mode with multi-byte support.

If you're willing to work on it we're certainly looking for developers who can 
read, print and test those characters and collaborate on the implementation.

Here are some links for starters:
- Our current experimental charset conversion:
- The Epson documentation mentions limited support for single-pass Kanji code 
pages - but are these of any use? (that seems very limited):
- The ESC/POS programming guide contains extensive documentation of the 
supported command, included the one to switch to JIS/Shift-JIS and to select 
multi-byte kanji mode. See e.g. page 501:

Anyone interested on helping with this, please let us know!


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