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Re: New Odoo programmer and his blog / Hello

- 10/28/2014 06:22:32
Le 28/10/2014 10:53, Kurt Haselwimmer a écrit :
> If odoo is going to transition from a platform for 'those in the know' 
> who have been with the platform since it ran on a ZX spectrum to one 
> that can be embraced by the wider programming community, then they 
> need to start listening to voices like yours and listen less to the 
> existing partners who have built-in NIHS.
May we all be spared from this sin!
But yes, we do want to get our hands on Ludwik Trammer's talent and 
work. We're eager to feed the community that feeds us.
Still, everyone is welcome to do open new routes: we're just suggesting 
existing ones to make sure newcomer make informed choices and their 
energy is not wasted.