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Re: New Odoo programmer and his blog / Hello

Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
- 10/28/2014 05:49:34

great addition to the discussion around odoo. Don't listen to all the old hands that suggest you should simply add to their documentation projects - yours is an original voice that brings in the incredibly valid perspective of the newcomer. If odoo is going to transition from a platform for 'those in the know' who have been with the platform since it ran on a ZX spectrum to one that can be embraced by the wider programming community, then they need to start listening to voices like yours and listen less to the existing partners who have built-in NIHS.

Keep up the good work !!!


Dr. Kurt Haselwimmer

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Just 1.5 mont ago I started playing with programming in Odoo. Sometimes it's awesome... sometimes not so much. I struggle the most with the lack of complete documentation. There are whole huge topics missing from the official docs. There are also much less information available in Google / Stack Overflow than I'm used to.

Usually when I need information I end up falling back to analysing Odoo's code. I started a blog to record at least some of the solutions to issues I had:

I hope to have my small part in improving availability of information about Odoo programming in Google (I'm working on Stack Overflow too though :).

I hope you will forgive me for spamming this group with this post about my stuff, but I thought some people here might find this interesting.

Ludwik Trammer

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