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New Odoo programmer and his blog / Hello

Ludwik Trammer
- 10/27/2014 18:04:22


Just 1.5 mont ago I started playing with programming in Odoo. Sometimes it's awesome... sometimes not so much. I struggle the most with the lack of complete documentation. There are whole huge topics missing from the official docs. There are also much less information available in Google / Stack Overflow than I'm used to.

Usually when I need information I end up falling back to analysing Odoo's code. I started a blog to record at least some of the solutions to issues I had:

I hope to have my small part in improving availability of information about Odoo programming in Google (I'm working on Stack Overflow too though :).

I hope you will forgive me for spamming this group with this post about my stuff, but I thought some people here might find this interesting.

Ludwik Trammer