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Re: Forum hackers

Stephen Mack
- 10/27/2014 14:36:32

I think but can't prove that the spammers are now creating thread to get two point and deleting them (leaving them with two points) then spamming outside the ability of anyone to close down their account.

I can not see deleted posts yet the person had 7 points and I voted them down to 5 and closed their spam thread.  However they still have 5 points and can continue to post.


On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 1:57 PM, Olivier Dony <> wrote:
On 10/20/2014 08:57 PM, Stephen Mack wrote:
> The forums have degraded to the point that people who can delete spammers have
> given up.  I don't enter the forums because they are not usable.
> Maybe there needs to be some forum moderators with some big button powers to
> shut down a spammer and delete all their posts.

The situation has indeed gotten much worse these last days, so here are the 
things we have done to limit the spam level at this point:

- Mass-delete the spam posts and the corresponding users via an automated 
procedure. Probably did not catch 100% but a good share of the spam.

- Fixed the karma system so karma levels are checked also when posting new 
questions, answers and comments (previously if was not checked so users with 
negative karma were still able to post). This will enable users and moderators 
to permanently block a spammer by lowering him to a negative karma.

- Changed the karma levels:
   + a karma of 20 is now required to be able to post or answer a question (yes 
obviously this is a problem for new users, we will lower this later - see below)
   + removed the karma bonus given by posting questions/answers (you should 
only get bonus if someone else upvotes your posts)

- Work-in-progress: we are adding an optional email validation step on the 
forum - if you just signed up and have 0 karma you would get a notice on the 
forum index: you can validate your email and get some karma - just enough to be 
able to post your first question.

We hope to finish the deployment and fix the karma levels accordingly in the 
coming days.



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