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Update Odoo Bootstrap Themes Crowd Funding

Fabien Pinckaers
- 10/27/2014 05:16:28

Here is an update of the Odoo crowdfunding campaign. The crowd funding
campaign reached 50k€, more than 400% of initial target. It's a huge
success and I would like to thanks everyone that contributed to this

We already developed several themes and building blocks. There are
being reviewed by our usability and code review teams.

Here is a preview of some building blocks in action here:
  - Forum Builder:
  - Google Maps:
  - Media Blocks:

And the firsts themes can be seen in the gallery section of indiegogo:
  - Theme Aero & Clean:
  - Theme Classy in Action:
  - Theme Classy with other options:
  - Theme Classy:
  - Theme Gardiena:

These themes and building blocks are designed for version 8 and 9. On
top of that, we also hugely improved the CMS for version 9. A new page
editor has been rewriten from scratch (not anymore based on CKEditor)
allowing a much better user experience for corner cases: inter-blocks
selections, paste HTML, table management, floating images management,

New features will also land in trunk within the comming weeks:
  - Versions management
  - integrated A/B testing ala Optimizely

We launched a new page dedicated to bootstrap CMS:

Here is the link to the campaign is you want to contribute: