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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Olivier Lenoir
- 10/23/2014 06:21:59
Yes, nothing really new, all is about fraud:
Is Odoo accounting fraudulent ? I don't think so.

Should  Odoo accounting be certified ? It's a necessity.

Le 23/10/2014 11:34, Ferdinand Gassauer a écrit :
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On 2014-10-23 11:09, Patrick Darribet wrote:

Nothing really new

the removal of instead of fixing the audit trail module in v8 deprives Odoo of being revision proof.

I just want to recall a discussion 4 years ago !!! see attachment
************************** SNIP ****
Nevertheless I want to emphasize that customers will and do request that 
OpenERP (as any other ERP system) will conform to local laws and audit rules 
and will expect from partners implementing these localized OpenERP versions, 
that OpenERP can be lawfully used as accounting system in this wider sense.
IMHO the market acceptance will dramatically improve if OpenERP gets certified 
in one of the major economic or EU countries. 
************************** SNIP *****
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
The article comes from "La revue fiduciaire" , a magazine for all administrative and accounting professionals companies including "experts comptables".
It's official :
Potentially, therefore , any company that uses free software and modifies the software or services company that modifies it, is responsible for the operation of the software on the accounting and is obliged to provide documentation that meets the criteria of the administration.

Le 2014-10-23 09:37, Frédéric Clementi a écrit :

This documement is unbelievable ! In short we can all go to jail in France using Odoo accounting !
What is the source Patrick ? 

Frédéric Clementi
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Business Solutions
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2014-10-15 10:42 GMT+02:00 Patrick Darribet <>:


Un doc récent paru sur legifrance



Le 2014-10-09 14:59, De Paoli Quentin a écrit :

Hi community,

Here's the roadmap we have so far for the accounting in v9: The work is still in progress but it's a good basis of work.

You'll also find, below this email, a webex invitation to virtually attend the presentation that will be held on the 14th of October (next week) on this document, for those who couldn't attend the 2-days session in Brussels. (Please don't forget to confirm me your presence if you can be physically there).

See you there,
have a great end of week,

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