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Re: moving stock that you haven't got

ChriCar Beteiligungs, Ferdinand Gassauer
- 10/23/2014 05:48:54
On 2014-10-22 12:47, Alan Bell wrote:

> Hi all,
> when creating a stock move to shift product between locations it seems
> that you can't tell what locations currently have stock, and there is
> nothing to prevent a move that makes a location have negative stock.
that's exactly what
it prevents negative quantity for stock locations and lots.

IMO it is not necessary to create different locations (and lots) if 
negative stock is not prohibited.
obviously something is wrong and it is better to correct it in time.
the usual result is, that during inventory  the differences have to be 
BTW it's a good moment to make the inventory if the quantity is 0 (Null) 
- easy to count ;-)
> For
> example in a standard install with test data I can create a move that
> transfers 1 ice cream from WH/Stock/Shelf 1 to WH/Stock/Shelf 2 and then
> process this, leaving -1 products on shelf 1 and 1 product on shelf 2,
> which I can then sell.
> How do I move things about with some visibility of what I actually have?
> How do I stop moves that make a location go negative?
> Alan.
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