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Re: Tax Retencion / Tax Withholding :: Common approach

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On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2014-10-18 18:09 GMT-04:30 Juan José Scarafía (ADHOC) <>:
* Retentions / withholdings: we refer to amounts been retained on PAYMENTS. It depends in receiver, issuer and sum of amount that has been paid on month or similar. 
* Perceptions: amounts being "retained" on INVOICE (depends on receiver, issuer and invoice amounts)

Just to compliment:

In México withholding is "On the tax".
In Venezuela withholding is "On the tax" but on "Invoice time"
In Colombia is like Venzuela AFAICK.
In Brazil other apply.

IMHO, withholding must to be:

- Configured on "Tax Level".
- Have into account the variable David mentioned (Partners (You and customer - You and supplier, Products and Document(s) [Payment, receipt and Invoices])
- Computed as a tax on Account Move Line.
- It need to be recorded ad a "Document" not as a "Tax".
- frquently as Argentina (in Venezuela it happen too!) your Withholding is different even in different cities on th country and the amounts are taken from a no-monetary currency called "Fiscal Unit" (Unidad Tributaria).

In our experience even the computing the withholding itself it really complex (for some of them) and so trivials in other documents, we tried without success build an unique model for Colombia and Venezuela and the "IF's" where too much than we decided do 2 development.

IMO in Odoo is so simple, in Ecuador we have many withdrawing cases so taxes engine works really good, with a simple hint: negative percent in tax, this solve all problems with accounting and tax reports.

The complex side for us is get totals in invoice document, we hack _compute_all method and all works. obviously we create a new document to control all around.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez

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