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Re: OCA IRC (Live Communication)

7Gates Interactive Technologies, Erdem Uney
- 10/19/2014 14:36:06
Nicely done.. Even though I am not a good IRC user, I felt the need as well. I hope we can put to good use..

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On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 5:07 PM, Paul Catinean <> wrote:
Good Evening,

I have been a avid user of IRC since as long as I can remember.As such I have always had a preference towards live communication through IRC and the benefits it comes with as opposed to forums/mailing lists etc (even though they also have their purpose and get the job done as well)

As far as detailed collaboration goes, joint decisions that must be taken in medium/large groups with frequent feedback and a lots of questions, Github comments, Emails, Forum Posts are in my personal opinion often cumbersome for these particular tasks

For this purpose I have taken the liberty of contacting some officials at and after a bit of hassle and discussions I have managed to reclaim the #oca chan which was previously registered to some other inactive user

Also I have taken a day off to play with a python bot to aid in accomplishing the aforementioned tasks conveniently named oca-bot.It is based on willie ( and it supports by default quite a few functions like saving channel logs (conversations to be presented to the community), github issue searching/creating, twitter and most importantly a meeting module to handle meetings and decisions, based on meetbot

It is still a work in progress, buggy sometimes, but it works and it can definitely be improved if the interest is there

I hope this can be a useful resource for the community that can bring people together and have decisions and information passed much more efficiently

I eagerly await your feedback and your presence on IRC :)

Kind Regards,
Paul Catinean

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