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Re: Fingerprint scanner update

gunnar wagner
- 10/18/2014 21:02:31
On 10/18/2014 9:38 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
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A lot of people have expressed interest in the project but to date no one has helped out with the code. If someone can help re-write the Arduino library we can ditch the 2560 mega and bring the cost and complexity down.

I can't code my self at all, but would like to help so I am trying to gather the ones who offered coding help and poont them to the github repository for this project

ppl offering concrete coding help
  1. Fakrudeen Abbaz   "We will help you [with Python Tkinter]"
  2. Brcht Verhaeghe   " i would like to help."
  3. Fekete Mihai   "....if you make it open, i will definitely use it and maintain it"
  4. Taimoor Yousaf    "... we have a guy who is library writing guru. I will see if I can get him to re-write the library for pcduino."

especially Taimoor's "library guru" & Fakrudeen Abbaz regarding Python Tkinter would be needed at this point in time I guess

github repository where Chris has publicized the code

I hope that helps bringing the coders and the project closer together ....


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