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Re: Tax Retencion / Tax Withholding :: Common approach

- 10/18/2014 19:43:58
Dibuje maestro!


El 18/10/2014, a las 19:40, Juan José Scarafía (ADHOC) <> escribió:

Hi David, 
We are from Argentina and would like to colaborate and participate on this developement.
Actually we are managin retentions in account.vouchers, with specific journals. To group retentions in one payment, we are using account_voucher_receipt.
Looking into your graphs I think that in Argentina we use different terms. With:
* Retentions / withholdings: we refer to amounts been retained on PAYMENTS. It depends in receiver, issuer and sum of amount that has been paid on month or similar. 
* Perceptions: amounts being "retained" on INVOICE (depends on receiver, issuer and invoice amounts)
Retentions and percepectiosn can be from different taxes (national, provincial or municipal)

Best Regards, 

Ing. Juan José Scarafía
(+54 9 341)153 278039
skype: jjscarafia
twitter: @jjscarafia
github: @jjscarafia

2014-10-18 18:03 GMT-03:00 David Arnold <>:
Hi Community in South America and elsewhere

if you know, what retentions / withholdings are read on, else skip that mail.

As discussions in the past have been rather technical on this subject, I propose to make some kind of comprehensive retention framework. The situation right now is rather unconsolidated.

This is not good enough.

I want to invite you to work on this subject together. Please find annexed a first mock-up of some basic models (invoice/partner). The idea is to depart from mock-ups of views of important models and refine a common perception of how thigs should be presented. Models to inlude are: Invoice and derivatives (PO/SO/etc), Partner, Product

Once we have that, it will be very easy to see how far common rings of abstraction could go as far as to the logic and where the task could be handed over to local maintainers.

Please give feedback prefereably with annotated screenshots.

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold

David Arnold BA HSG / Analista
315 304 13 68/

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