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Re: OCB 8.0 - pulling updates best practice

- 10/16/2014 08:41:22
Le 16/10/2014 12:07, Narayana Moturi a écrit :
> Hi Lionel - Would you able to share the process you are following to 
> semi- automate the upgrade.
Our integration script uses git, and the process is basically:
- fork the production branch
- merge from the official odoo branch
- merge from OCB
- octopus-merge from every branch from our team git repository (we fork 
1 branch for each feature or fix we write)
- restore the latest backup of the production db
- upgrade the modules ("-u all")

When I'm confident it's relevant, I intend to write a blog post about 
our whole workflow, that I'll forward to the list. Moving to git and 
electing a relevant process was quite a headache, maybe our work could 
inspire others.