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Modul capacity planning in OPENERP 7

- 10/16/2014 07:01:14
Hi Community,

I have just downloaded the community app ,,Capacity Planning''.
I have also create a project and then a task within which starts at 
20th. of October and ends at 30th of November,
planned hours for task: 150. Task is delegated to an employee, working 
time of employee 32hours/week.
So normally  the task time has to be splitted in these two months. But 
the system put 37,50 hours in October
and all 150 hours in November. Normally November should  be present less 
the hours which are already calculated in October.
And how are October hours calculated? And I also would like to know why 
system count 37,50 hours in October?

Can anybody help me to fix this Problem? Or do I get something wrong?

Regards and thanks in advance

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Nebahate Hajra