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Re: a question in Meetings of CRM

Stephen Mack
- 10/11/2014 08:18:46
When someone looks at your calendar what do they see... That you are busy in the meeting?  Or that you are available?  You can schedule a meeting that you don't plan on attending and then schedule something else at the same time.  But if you are busy then you can not.

Hope that make sense 

On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 5:21 AM, <> wrote:
Dear all,
We are trying module CRM.
I have a question: in Meetings of CRM(as the following graph), what does mean the field "Show Time as"?  
<IMG src="cid:_Foxmail.0@C2862136-C3DD-4213-9220-6ACDD61B8422">
Thank you!

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