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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Eva Pinter
- 10/10/2014 16:46:27
I'm sorry to contradict you, but doing accounting is not only creating the yearly P&L and BS. There are many analysis that may be needed without having these reports. Limiting the reporting need to these two reports is ignoring the real needs of accounting departments. May I recall that the accountants do not only work once a year? ;-)

I need to be able to report on a selected set of accounts. When starting with Odoo, I renounced to request this functionality, due to the hierarchy view, that was fast to use and would also make sums automatically on all hierarchical level, what I found easy to use. Now, if I am forced to use the list, then I also need much better selection options: a. From - To, include range, exclude range, include single values, etc.

Please, if someone out there has also worked in an accounting department (preferably of a large company), please let your voice heard.

Eva P.

On 10 Oct 2014, at 17:55, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:

> I think in accounting (pure accouting) a partent account IS a parent
> account that's it.

In pure accounting, accountants used to work in views like this:

or this:

Not in tree views of the CoA.

IMHO the default way to check your financial status should be through
the P&L or BS, not the CoA. Currently in Odoo, everyone uses the CoA
because it's the only way to have balances on the screen. But this is
not the habit of "non odoo" accountants.

> In some countries you have even a close relation between the code and
> the parent child relation, you actual datamodel achieve such need
> __perfect__.
> Why do you need remove it from the account itself and move to reports?
> If you are so sure of this is the correct path... without develop it
> yet, can you explain how will be the new approach?
> As I understand from SQL pov you will change:

No, we can use the Type field on accounts to create hierarchies or
define reports.

> Please dont try to convince us that the "usability " needs change the
> data model, with actual data model you can achieve perfect views and
> improve a lot the usabilitiy.

Usability is about what the accountant expect to see. An accountant
usually work in P&L or BS or other reports. Not in a tree view of accounts.

> Today: 1 method compute all the balance in the CoA.
> Tomorrow?.

Today: the balance grouped according to parents:
  - Class 1, Class 2, Account 12___, 13___, ...

Tomorrow, the balance grouped according to accountant expectations:
  - Income,
  - Expenses,
  - Gross Profit,
  - Net Profit, ...

Note that I am note against hierarchies. It's ok for me to keep a parent

I just think that accountant will work in the P&L or the BS instead of
the Chart of Accounts. So, the CoA is not useful anymore (and we still
have the Type field for the general ledger)

The default way to check your income and navigate through accounts
should be through the P&L, not the CoA.

It's ok for me to keep hierarchies but I am against having *mandatory*
hierarchies. I find these constraints not good:
- having a root node to define a chart of account (not logic for
- using hierarchies to structure reports (should be defined by type
- I have seen so much time an accountant on Odoo creating an account at
  the root level because they did not understood the Parent/Children
  concept. (which is an Odoo concept, not an accounting one) It has to
  work even without hierarchies.

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