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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Acsone, Stéphane Bidoul
- 10/10/2014 12:50:27
Here are my 2 cents regarding view accounts...

When one thinks about it, the parent_id and view accounts is only one default way to group accounts. We have at least 3 other ways to do it in official addons since a long time:
1/ consolidation children, 
2/ budget positions 
3/ the configurable financial reports (balance sheet and p&l).

In the end, all 4 are just mechanisms to create kind of hierarchical "views" on accounts and do more or less the same thing with pro and cons and different user interfaces.

It is very possible that all 4 mechanism can be unified in a simple and consistent solution, with a robust and user friendly UI to 
1/ create virtual chart of accounts (across companies)
2/ display them in a efficient and performant manner
3/ allowing comparisons between periods, and/or between actuals and budgets
4/ allowing the drill-down to moves to easily interpret the values
5/ printable
6/ exportable to a spreadsheet
7/ filterable (ie on analytic axes)

Of course changing anything will have migration costs, but if it is for the better, its worth evaluating in details and I'm very happy OpenERP SA includes the community in the discussion.

Looking forward to meeting you next week.


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