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Re: Accounting Roadmap V9

Fabien Pinckaers
- 10/09/2014 18:24:16


Please read my mails and the doc carefully. We are not killing any features; just defining priorities. The CoA does not disappear, not even a hierarchical way to display it.

It's important to read the doc carefully. Otherwise we may waste time discussing on everyone's fears.

My apologies if the doc is not clear. We ran out of time, so we focused on describing the technical solution, not the "why". --> it was initially an internal document to launch developments quickly.

It's also largely incomplete. We will complete it during our workshop of next week.



On Oct 10, 2014 1:12 AM, "Pawel Kostrzewa" <> wrote:


My 2 cents. Please don't kill Odoo accounting. We devleop cash flow forecast management now, its complicated, and you will kill ERP accounting features? Increase functionalities and maybe split features - micro companies accounting and full erp features, then you have two products - for "small business" like xero and full featured ERP system.
Luck of payment order? Thats creazy! COA? Its a must in SME. I disagree. Sorry thats for small business. There are many apps for small business, localized to local fiscal requirements. I mean people from camp2camp, elico disagree and others from OCA too 

2014-10-09 22:52 GMT+02:00 <>:

Odoo need to decide if they are building a simple small business accounting package (which is what Xero is) or an ERP accounting package foe small-medium sized businesses with complex requirements.

If it is the former, then why would someone choose Odoo when they can just have Xero?

Issues that worry me:

1. Loss of the COA hierarchy. We keep the heirarchy but have also built a tree view for GL transactions with all the grouping/filtering that users required - that way we have the best of both worlds.
2. Payment orders - in any business of any size, payment of supplier invoices is NOT done by opening an invoice and marking for payment.  
3. Banking flow - hourly integration is not required. In practice, the accounts person comes in in the morning, downloads the bank statement and processes. What is important is that the bank statement process is efficient, so
   - integration with payment orders created for payments
   - auto-population of GL coding for such things as direct debits/automatic payments
   - ability to allocate customer receipts to outstanding transactions.
   - write-off of small differences
   - full multi-currency

We have already extended the standard functionality to meet business requirements and it is looking like if this goes ahead as is we will just run our own accounting system and not use standard functionality.

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From:        Graeme Gellatly <>
To:        "Community" <>,
Date:        10/10/2014 08:14 a.m.
Subject:        Re: Accounting Roadmap V9


I am sure once they realize that analytics are a major popular feature of xero even at the microsmb level it will get changed. I guess they aren't that far through the manual yet because it makes no sense to say only xero features are priority, then 2 lines earlier say, major popular feature is not.

Best xero accounting feature is $49/month unlimited users.

On 10/10/2014 4:06 AM, "Lionel Sausin" <> wrote:
I find the beginning of the document very worrying :
"(...) Not a priority:

  • Budget
  • Analytic"

I'm worried because our company is into manufacturing, and our accounting is so simple that we didn't even bother making it in Odoo - EBP compta does the job for ~200€.
BUT analytics and budgets are major features for us, the only ones we'll really use in Odoo's accounting.
So please, by all means do improve whatever you want on accounting, but do NOT remove any more existing features.

Lionel Sausin

Le 09/10/2014 15:51, Graeme Gellatly a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Omg. You are taking your model from a 1-10 user accounting system with no concept of stock, no concept of anglosaxon, not even a concept of a sales order really and literally quoting their CEO verbatim while inserting screenshots of their product.

Dont get me wrong, i like xero, i use xero, i have written integrations between xero and openerp, in fact i own shares in xero, but this is either crazy or odoo is abandoning anybody subject to anything but a small business reporting standard.

I feel sorry for partners. I think you just got screwed but at least the direction is clear early.

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