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Re: New Odoo Crowdfunding: Beautiful Website Themes

Fabien Pinckaers
- 10/07/2014 15:18:29

> I asked this before on community list, but didn't get any official response, so will try again...
> What is the licencing model covering each of these "website" developments?

Quoting the Indiegogo campaign: (FAQ in the bottom)

What license will these developments fall under?

Every improvement of the website builder application will be released in open source (AGPL) and included in the official version of Odoo. This includes: the customization toolbox, an improved inline editor for perfect HTML pages.

However the themes will not be open source. Once you purchase a license for a theme, you can use it on as many sites as you like, but you're not allowed to distribute it! 

Themes and building blocks are only data, not code. So, it's ok with agpl and you can deploy a theme on our saas. Data are just loaded in the DB, no module is added on our saas platform.

> Regards,
> -Mario
> On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> After the huge success of the Odoo Point of Sale crowdfunding campain,
>> we just launched an Indiegogo campain for the Odoo Website Builder /
>> eCommerce. Our goal is to take it to the next level by providing
>> pixel-perfect professional themes and advanced building blocks.
>> Get more information about the campaign here:
>> As part of this project, we will design:
>>  - 50 profesionnal themes, highly customizable
>>  - 70 building blocks: forms builder, google maps integration...
>>  - a clean designer and developer documentation
>>  - improvements in the Odoo Website Builder core app
>> Every theme and building blocks are fully customizable with a new
>> toolbox to adapt to your own branding in just a few clicks.
>> Help us fund this project and you will get either:
>>  - one theme of your choice for your own website: recommended for users
>>  - 50 themes you can reuse on any project unlimitedly: recommended for
>>    partners
>>  - 70 dynamic building blocks for additional features
>> These themes will work on version 8 (no need to wait for v9).
>> As a platform, the Odoo Website Builder is incredible. But to turn it
>> into a huge success we need websites to be beautiful, out-of-the-box.
>> That's the goal of this campaign. It just costs a theme (145€) to have a
>> pixel perfect website, ready-to-use in a few minutes with awesome
>> animations or building blocks.
>> To reach our goal, we recruited 4 highly experienced web designers. (it
>> took me 4 months to select the best ones in Belgium) The first theme,
>> called "Clean", is ready with its 20 building blocks. As soon as you
>> fund the project, you will directly receive the first theme. You will be
>> able to select a theme amongst the 50 ones once the project if fully
>> developed. (by the end of this year)
>> Help us boost the Odoo Website Builder and offer a beautiful design for
>> your website(s):
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Fabien Pinckaers
>> Odoo Founder
>> PS: the most interesting perk (pack of 50 themes & main sponsor) are
>> limited to the firsts 8 contributors.
>> PS1: the pack of 50 themes is perfect for partners as it will allow you
>> to do beautiful and customized demonstrations to prospects, whatever the
>> target industry.
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