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Re: New Odoo Crowdfunding: Beautiful Website Themes

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10/07/2014 13:19:45
> Do you know what the eventual price for each theme will be?

Note sure yet, but more expensive than this campaign. Probably around
220€/250€, instead of 145€.

But, fore sure, the pack of 50 themes will not be available after the
campaign. We designed this campaign so that partners can have a complete
pack allowing them to do beautiful demonstration to any kind of
prospect/industry, reuse building blocks across their projects,  ...

In my opinion, themes are great but the most interesting component of
this campaign are the building blocks.
A lot of them will be very useful on different projects.



> Thanks and regards
> Jonathan
> On 07/10/2014 10:57 PM, "Fabien Pinckaers" <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     After the huge success of the Odoo Point of Sale crowdfunding campain,
>     we just launched an Indiegogo campain for the Odoo Website Builder /
>     eCommerce. Our goal is to take it to the next level by providing
>     pixel-perfect professional themes and advanced building blocks.
>     Get more information about the campaign here:
>     As part of this project, we will design:
>      - 50 profesionnal themes, highly customizable
>      - 70 building blocks: forms builder, google maps integration...
>      - a clean designer and developer documentation
>      - improvements in the Odoo Website Builder core app
>     Every theme and building blocks are fully customizable with a new
>     toolbox to adapt to your own branding in just a few clicks.
>     Help us fund this project and you will get either:
>      - one theme of your choice for your own website: recommended for users
>      - 50 themes you can reuse on any project unlimitedly: recommended for
>        partners
>      - 70 dynamic building blocks for additional features
>     These themes will work on version 8 (no need to wait for v9).
>     As a platform, the Odoo Website Builder is incredible. But to turn it
>     into a huge success we need websites to be beautiful, out-of-the-box.
>     That's the goal of this campaign. It just costs a theme (145€) to have a
>     pixel perfect website, ready-to-use in a few minutes with awesome
>     animations or building blocks.
>     To reach our goal, we recruited 4 highly experienced web designers. (it
>     took me 4 months to select the best ones in Belgium) The first theme,
>     called "Clean", is ready with its 20 building blocks. As soon as you
>     fund the project, you will directly receive the first theme. You will be
>     able to select a theme amongst the 50 ones once the project if fully
>     developed. (by the end of this year)
>     Help us boost the Odoo Website Builder and offer a beautiful design for
>     your website(s):
>     Thanks,
>     -- 
>     Fabien Pinckaers
>     Odoo Founder
>     PS: the most interesting perk (pack of 50 themes & main sponsor) are
>     limited to the firsts 8 contributors.
>     PS1: the pack of 50 themes is perfect for partners as it will allow you
>     to do beautiful and customized demonstrations to prospects, whatever the
>     target industry.
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