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Re: OCA Meeting minutes with OpenERP SA

- 10/06/2014 04:15:32
Le 03/10/2014 15:30, Carlos Liébana a écrit :
> Pedro and Ana (and her team) are doing an amazing job with OdooMRP and 
> it feels to me that work is going to be duplicated...(...)Is in OCA or 
> Odoo plans to be part of it (...)?
My understanding is that it's the other way round: OdooMRP is 
porting/rewriting their features so they can be proposed for adoption in 
OCA repos.
Please Maxime and Ana, we'd all appreciate if you would comment on this.

I *guess* the reason is one of timing: OCA it helping shape things for 
long term evolutions, but Ana said she'd probably have customers right 
now and of course they won't wait until v10 is released.
Akretion, Numérigraphe and others also have this same problem of timing 
on various scales.
So the way I see it for the moment is: we're all going to serve our 
paying customers first, and when our modules fit the OCA project we'll 
propose them.

Then of course, when the roadmap gets clearer we'll all have a chance to 
avoid the "develop on our own" step and directly implement shared, 
long-term features during customer-paid projects.