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Re: UnicodeDecodeError

- 10/03/2014 22:24:22
Hi Agusín,

Hi Augustine
Thanks for your answer, it has served me well.

I was able to solve the error "UnicodeDecodeError"
Now when I have the invoice to validate other error

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/openerp/v7/server/openerp/addons/l10n_mx_ir_attachment_facturae/", line 148, in signal_confirm cr, uid, [], context = context) File "/opt/openerp/v7/server/openerp/addons/l10n_mx_facturae_pac/", line 166, in context.update _get_facturae_invoice_xml_data (self._get_file_globals (cr, uid, ids, context = context)) File "/ opt / openerp / v7 / server / openerp / addons / l10n_mx_facturae / ", line 443, in _get_file_globals' Not defined fname_xslt. ! ')) Except_osv: (u' \ xa1Atenci \ xf3n 'u'Not defined fname_xslt.!')!

I read a lot, I hope you can help me.

2014-09-26 18:39 GMT-05:00 Agustín Cruz <>:
Hello Elberth, I guess you continue working with mexican localization, 
there is a bug that prevents that you use names with accents (á, é, í, 
ó, ú, ñ) or special characters like € on products names or customer names.

That is what you are viewing on the attached screen. Hope it helps.

On 26/09/14 17:32, Elberth Cabrales wrote:
> Hello community,
> In a previous post I commented about an error in SSL, I read a lot and 
> achieve progress.
> * Thanks to Moises Lopez to answer on that occasion.
> On this occasion, I ask your help to solve another erro I have called 
> "UnicodeDecodeError" I attached the screen print, hopefully someone 
> can aid me with this,
> I will keep studying, try to solve
> Thank you for your help,
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