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Re: Tax/Convert Rate

Thiago Diedrich
- 10/03/2014 11:30:39

Can anyone help me???


Em 02/10/2014 10:18, "Thiago" <> escreveu:
Hello Guys,

I am wanting to implement as second type of receipt in POS ( Ex : I wish it were the type Dolar and the conversion rate of 2.50 ).

I created a new account credit / debit and I linked it the new form of payment.

Within the account credit / debit put the secondary currency as USD. Inside of payment also put the currency USD.

But there at the POS when I choose the type of payment that I created in case Dolar , it does the conversion rate for currency, this is right or I 'm doing something wrong ?

I'm using the standard BRL Brazilian currency and location in version 7.0-20140622-231040. (I did the same configuration on version 8 and had the same problem).

I put some images attached.

Thiago Diedrich