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Re: LIST PROTOCOL PROPOSAL: - questions & answers to list - discussions between inviduals

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 10/02/2014 19:37:18

I have to agree with Nhomar. 

The lists are for discussion not questions.  The nature of discussion is inclusive, not exclusive so I cannot agree with the proposal and naturally cannot reply as you request as a result. Maybe the real issue are not the replies it is the use of the list. 

See which clarifies the purpose of lists and Q&A .  The community book if it still exists has a fuller description.  Maybe a standard reply of something like

This mailing list is for discussion and exchange of ideas not questions.  Please see and the Odoo Q&A forum

This will end your issues Ray when a question is asked.  Also proper mail filtering and conversation grouping will probably help. 

There are other protocols that aren't followed which I find annoying.
  • Signatures with images in them and great big chunks of unneeded boiler plate.
  • Not bothering to trim or quote your replies.