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EDI like functionality between OpenERP Servers

Chris Jones
- 10/02/2014 16:00:40
We've built a module that allows records to be sent between OpenERP servers and I'd like to illicit some feedback from everyone. 

The idea is to create a pseudo EDI like service brokered by a central server to facilitate sending Invoices, RFQs, Delivery Orders or anything else between OpenERP/Odoo servers. 

Here are a few use cases that we've built.

Company A - 3PL Warehouse (ship e-commerce orders for their customers, like Amazon does)
Company B - Ecommerce store

Company A sends Customer Invoices to Company B. The invoices show up in Company B's OpenERP database as Supplier Invoices.

Company B sends Delivery Orders to Company A for them to ship and fulfill for them. That's a direct mapping of Delivery Orders -> Delivery Order. 

I may also map Stock Moves to Incoming Shipments so that Company B can send products to Company A to ship out for them. 

Mapping RFQ -> Quotation might also be useful. A buyer could send an RFQ to a Supplier and the Supplier could send back a Sales Quotation and that would update the RFQ on the Buyer's system. 

My thought is to offer this for free up to a certain number of transactions and then charge some small amount per transaction after that. All data is being sent via XML-RPC from our servers and back to the client OpenERP system. Once someone installs the module they have the ability to send/receive data from anyone else in network. 

If you want to send invoices to a company you put in an initial request they have to approve. Once they approve it then the records can be sent. 

Chris Jones
Open Source ERP Solutions