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Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 09/29/2014 03:06:15
On 26/09/2014 17:59, Wolfgang Taferner wrote:
> +1 to have an official commitment/statement
> I think it is worth to work on improvement and documentation of
> workflow. I think it is not implemented well anymore in core modules
> and not adapted by most of the community as I guess the magic is not
> made visible and most likely hard to grep and therefore changes/fixes
> are done by guessing/hoping it does not break or an attitude to fix it
> later instead to actively work with it.
> I did help myself by computing a stage_combination that I do know
> which nodes are currently active without monkey querying the database.
> It took some time but the concept is great and the workflow view, if
> improved further, might help to fill the gap between tech and
> functional people on a process level on the product itself.

+1 for some documentation about workflows. The current state is abysmal.
And the total lack of debugging help lead me to avoid workflows in my
custom modules as much as I could (and I guess the new api wrappers will
not improve the experience of walking through a workflow in the debugger...)

Having at least some logging level (disabled by default) enabling to
track workflows evaluation would be a first step ( only track
the state changes, which does not help in finding why a transition is
not triggered). Getting views for the administrator of the workflows
instances would be great too.

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