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Re[3]: Re[2]: About reports in Odoo 8

Bheco Services, Mouad Hamri
- 09/27/2014 06:19:52

The problem with that approach is the needed time to create report, using any report designer (pentaho for exemple), we can have one hour to create realy complex and amazing report while this takes hours with qweb.
And for the chart creation, I tried to add some js libraries to qweb but I don't find realy where to include the js code?

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vendredi, 26 septembre 2014, 09:08PM +01:00 de Nhomar Hernández <>:

2014-09-26 14:49 GMT-04:30 Gonzalo Ruzafa  < > :
>I think he is refering to the possibility that Pentaho Reports gives regarding the Drag n Drop of specific fields. Taking into account that it also offers grouping possiblities among other functionalities, Odoo reports building is still a bit behind, but catching up really fast, offering a fully integrated aproach (based on HTML/CSS) that will end up to replace all other alternatives in my opinion
Oh!.. yes... it is not possible __yet__ but IMHO with a little of expirience always is faster write

<div t-field="something" class="bootstrap"/>

Than other things, but YES we should think on that, may be Odoo for V10 (after accounting) build something great for that.

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