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Re: Re[2]: About reports in Odoo 8

- 09/26/2014 15:03:22

I think he is refering to the possibility that Pentaho Reports gives regarding the Drag n Drop of specific fields. Taking into account that it also offers grouping possiblities among other functionalities, Odoo reports building is still a bit behind, but catching up really fast, offering a fully integrated aproach (based on HTML/CSS) that will end up to replace all other alternatives in my opinion


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2014-09-26 15:58 GMT-03:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2014-09-26 6:42 GMT-04:30 Mouad HAMRI <>:
Thank you NHomar. Very clear answer.
But I think that we should Odoo / community  work on a drag & drop interface (similar to Pentaho report disgner) where the report creation became easier.

You have it aready in the website editor you can do that ;-)

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