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Re: Re[2]: About reports in Odoo 8

Bheco Services, Mouad Hamri
- 09/26/2014 06:05:59
Thank you NHomar. Very clear answer.
But I think that we should Odoo / community  work on a drag & drop interface (similar to Pentaho report disgner) where the report creation became easier.

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2014-09-26 1:48 GMT-04:30 <>:
My question here is about generating charts (bar, pie,...), can we have reports with chart using qweb?

Absolutly yes.

qweb are ful HTML5 views, you should.

1.- Decide what graphic tool you want use you have dozens freely availables for javascript and some of them already embebed on odoo, or simply use a python library (if you want your graph being generated server side).
2.- Build you html5 report.
3.- Print.

Note: I am a little nerd, I I love have absolute control of the technology I use, but actual qweb reports are simply qweb views, if you need to do little modifications, just modify the view directly with a little of html knowledge you can do cool things. 
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