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RE: Odoo Mail catch-all and mobiles

Solve IT DWC LLC, Adrian Christopher Pipo
- 09/25/2014 11:56:18
Hi Anders,

Create an email alias of to your email address or to your desired email address. Then configure the incoming mail with your incomming mail server. So that whenever they reply to your odoo mail it will be directed to you desired email address.

Best Regards,


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Subject: Odoo Mail catch-all and mobiles

Hello Everyone!

I have an issue using Odoo mail with a catch-all configuration combining with reading mail on other devices.

If I want to read mail from a smartphone I have to have a regular IMAP-account for that user and mail that
handles by this account does not end up by the Odoo mail handeling.

What is the best mail strategy with Odoo?

Anders Wallenquist
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