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Re: RMA in Odoo v8

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 09/24/2014 11:54:52
Hello Lesly,

we would probably need to port crm_claim_rma, but that would be the opportunity to do quite a lot of cleaning, because there is room for it, so doing a dumb port will probably not be what OCA will stand behind for the long run.
I'm sure that if you contract with one of the module authors they would work in that direction of porting the module and ensuring it will smoothly integrate with your specific requirements. Generally speaking, may be only 5% of the OCA modules have been migrated to v8. There is still work to make v8 stable and migrating most the OCA codebase will certainly take several months.


2014-09-24 12:33 GMT-03:00 Lesly Merine <>:

Do you know how to handle RMA with the new Odoo v8 stable version ?

We'd got crm_claim_rma in the v7.



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