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[Odoo] accounting roadmap v9. Save the date

Quentin De Paoli (qdp)
- 09/24/2014 04:26:16
Hi community,

the date for the 2-days session about the v9 accounting roadmap has been decided (poll here): it will be the Tuesday and Wednesday 14-15 of October. One week before, a document presenting the roadmap will be published. Therefor, the aim of that session will be to work by workshops to criticize/complete/draw specs on the different points raised in the document.

A lot of you, guys, asked to attend remotely and indeed i understand it can be difficult for you to attend it physically. For this reason, the session will begin by a webinar presenting the roadmap (no discussion, just a presentation of the document, if you hadn't had the time to read it entirely) in the morning (Belgian hour)... If you have remarks to make on the document, you can drop me a mail before the session or discuss with OCA members that will be present to make sure your remarks are defended ^^

More info on the exact location in Belgium, schedule.... will follow.

At last, i'd like to thank you for having answered the survey and to the OCA for the pad gathering all the suggestions. That'll be our basis of work.

Best regards,


Quentin De Paoli
R & D Guy
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