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Re: CRM Sales Team shared Leads (performance)

initOS GmbH, Torsten Francke
- 09/24/2014 03:33:28
Hi Leonardo

On 08.09.2014 16:31, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli wrote:
>> Has someone experience and some hint to speed up domains like:
>> (section_id.member_ids','child_of',
>> As we see in the postgres logs openerp pulls first ids and reuse it
>> later for the next query instead of building joins (or subsulects).
> Can you give us the resultin query and the time it takes?

duration: 507.051 ms  statement: SELECT "res_partner".id FROM
"res_partner" WHERE (("res_partner"."active" = 'True')  AND
"res_partner"."section_id" IS NOT NULL) ORDER BY

"Sort  (cost=6350.80..6428.84 rows=31217 width=33)"
"  Sort Key: display_name"
"  ->  Seq Scan on res_partner  (cost=0.00..3166.44 rows=31217 width=33)"
"        Filter: (active AND (section_id IS NOT NULL))"

Playing with index didn't help it does every time a sequencel scan.

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