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Re: OCA repo sale-financial alive?

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 09/24/2014 02:34:08
On 24/09/2014 01:43, Raphaël Valyi wrote:
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Dear Odoo community friends,

I take the opportunity of the hotness of the OCA repository groups to ask:

is that one alive and planned to stay alive?

consisting in 3 modules from CampToCamp.

In fact I have a module developed by Alexis de Lattre I would like to submit there, but with no active porting of these modules to 7 and little activity I wonder if this repo will stay alive or if I should propose straight to fat omnipotent sale-workflow repo. The module is about about taking credit limit into account at sale time, so it would be a great fit in sale-financial.

I still see value in the 3 modules of C2C and hope they will end up ported to any repo still. I remember pointing somebody at C2C to web_context_tunnel in a Launchpad MP to avoid changing an on_change in these signatures, so I guess it's just lack of time...

But before submitting my PR, I would like to know if this repo is not planned for removal or merge with another. Thanks.

Raphaël Valyi
Founder and consultant
+55 21 3942-2434

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Hello Raphaël,

The repository is not planned for removal or merge as far as I'm aware of.

It is true that the modules have not been ported to 7.0, mainly because we did not have the opportunity to do so (opportunity == paying customer needing the modules in v7), and nobody else did the work either.

PR are welcome, though

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