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Re: New OCA repository to suggest

Leonardo Pistone
- 09/23/2014 17:39:01
Thanks Joël for bringing us back to the subject, ad sorry to all for going a bit off topic. For the time being (a year or so, or until we find a way to manage many repos conveniently) your proposition is OK by me.

On Tuesday Sep 23, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Joël Grand-Guillaume <>, wrote:

Dear community,

First, thank you for your interest and answer here. Not easy to know what to do with all those divergent opinions.
I want to remind that this topic wasn't really about the old-topic: one repo = one module... We all agree that in an ideal world, this is the best solution (or at least I think so).
The thing is, we DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES for that : who will split all those modules into repos, who will manage the OCA website accordingly and so on...? Currently, we struggle under the workload, we starts to have tens of mails each day within the OCA mailing lists that deserve answers that we can't even sometimes make... And trust me, we're doing our best at it !
So we need to find acceptable and realistic compromises. I wish we can always go for the best solution, but the reality is different...
I understood here that you're all mostly in favor of having this new project, but don't agreed on one or two repos.
Unless it really harm someone here, I'll go for only one repo for the time being, so we'll have:
- 1 repo for the core connector framework (like connector)
- 1 repo for each vertical aspect (like connector-ecommerce)
- 1 repo for each dedicated connector on a specific app (Magento, Salesforce,....)
- 1 repo for all interfaces (like odbc, XMl, csv, etc..)
It seems reasonable to me... It's not like we're about to manage all this in only one repo...

Best regards,