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Forecasting monthly Service Contracts with Odoo CRM Sales Funnel

Wouter Tebbens
- 09/23/2014 06:55:58
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Dear community,

right now I am working with a company that mostly sells service
contracts with monthly fees. When registering opportunities in the CRM
they'd need to specify not the total sum of revenue that might be sold
to their potential customer but the monthly fee and the duration of
the contract. That should enable them to forecast how much sales they
are likely to have each month. This is especially important as such
service contracts may have a duration of 3 years or more.

In the default Odoo CRM set up I cannot find anything really that
could do this, but on the other hand I'm sure many of you have service
companies (or customers like that) that have similar use cases. Did
you find or develop anything to accommodate this use case?

Right now only at the time of quotation can a sales person specify the
expected services to be sold to the potential customer. In our case we
know already which service is (most likely) to be sold during the
opportunity sales cycle. It would be of interest to be able to specify
those products/services earlier in the process (i.e. in Opportunities)
and as part of a contract. All of this to avoid re-entering the
details more than once.

The contracts in v8 already present an option to generate recurring
invoices on a monthly basis, so that could be a good starting point to
use in the sales funnel.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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best, salut, saludos, groet,

Wouter Tebbens
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