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Re: How to install Eclipse and configure it

- 09/20/2014 10:04:14
Thanks Jos!

I have tried to install eclipse on my Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit but it does not work. can you please give me a link of instruction that i can follow and configure it on my Ubuntu.

Thanks for your kind help.

On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 1:32 AM, Jos De Graeve <> wrote:
Hello Yusuf,

I use eclipse for odoo development.

The eclipse plugins you need are:
* pydev
* egit
* eclipse xml editors
* eclipse web development tools

Now that said, eclipse is far from perfect, i have found the egit plugin do strange stuff to my repositories on some occasions, pydev works more or less and the xml editors are quite basic.

For any task there are far better tools, but i still use eclipse because they are somewhat integrated in a single application.

I have installed eclipse manually, ie downloaded from The native eclipse packages tend to be outdated.  For instructions on how to set it up, ask your favorite search engine :)

I don't use specific configuration except just enabling automated pep8 checks.   I have an eclipse project per repository ( per customer i have at least one odoo repo, an addons repo and maybe some community repos ).  I use a common prefix for eclipse projects that are related to the same customer project, that way my eclipse projects state together somewhat.

I know that sublime text is very popular amongst odoo dev's. 
But even vim is a good editor once you get to know it.
Maybe there are people who use emacs ?

my advice: search for a good tool, get to know it really well, stick to it for a while to get used to it and if it the tool still annoys you, repeat :)


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2014-09-20 10:23 GMT+02:00 Yusuf <>:

    Can anyone help me to install eclipse on Ubuntu for odoo ver 8 and how to configure it.

Thanks & regards,
Yusuf Ali 

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