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Re: New OCA repository to suggest

MONK Software, Leonardo Donelli
- 09/20/2014 05:42:45

​Here's a proposal that combines Leonardo Pistone and Markus Schneider's considerations:
 - Modules are developed, one per repository, on the author / author company github account.
 - Modules are collected in the "scope" OCA repositories as submodules.

This way you can do all the development steps indicated by Leonardo Pistone in your GitHub account, and submit to OCA only when you feel you reached a stable and quality version. Basically the OCA repositories act only as a "collection" of modules (and stable commits) but all the development happens on the author repositories, which should be cleaner (in addition to all the points highlighted by Leonardo Pistone I would add: no mixed issues and pull requests!)

There are other advantages:
 - Your modules are in your GitHub page, which is good for your "curriculum"
 - You can start writing a module only for yourself and slowly make it "OCA quality" and then submit it to OCA, and the reviewers will be able to see all the commits of the module being developed, which can help understanding what is being done.
 - If an user wants to clone only that particular module, he can do so by cloning the developer repository. Maybe we could set a convention of a particular branch like "OCA" that points to the latest commit to be included in the OCA repos = branch OCA is stable and peer reviewed. And set it as default clone branch, so that users will download that. The developer can then keep working on master, and when he feels he reached a new stable version he makes a pull request on OCA to update the submodule version to the new commit.

This is basically what already happens "under the hood", only now development repositories are often unpublished and private, which makes it harder for people to contribute and impossible for users to download only the single module.