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Re: OCA v8 - stable

gunnar wagner
- 09/18/2014 19:13:07
thans Alexandre,

On 9/18/2014 3:02 PM, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
> The OCB friendly fork is available on, the 
> v8 branch is there. Both 7.0 and 8.0 branches are currently synch'd 
> manually with the official branches, until the script automating this 
> is finalized (see
I have local v8 ~/OCA/OCB installation running since a month or so, so I 
am aware it is there. I just had noted that all git status always gave 
(and still gives me today) a 'is up to date with it's origin'.
As I found this unlikely for a software in RC status I had a thread here 
about it which resulted in the info that the OCA-fork of v8 was not 
maintained until the official v8 release.

> We can make no guarantee about delays. This is volunteer work. You can 
> contribute if you want, and this will probably speed things up.
I was more asking for an estimation how long this might take, not a 
guarantee. I would love to help I just don't know how. I am not a 
developer, and I have about noting to 0 experience with git. If someone 
could explain me detailed what to do I would do it. Something like 'help 
syncing it manually' or do "pull requests" wouldn't be precise enough by 
far for a novice like me though. I still just wouldn't know what to do. 
I may have heard several git terms like 'pull request' but I wouldn't 
know what action that practically requires.

best ...Gunnar