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Re: Fingerprint attendance scanner for OpenERP

gunnar wagner
- 09/17/2014 19:59:09
I would be very much interested using such a fingerprint scanner (Odoo 8 preferably). Not sure how I could help because I am no developer at all.
one question. it says: "...for OpenERP" in the subject of this thread: Does that mean it will be for 6.1/7.0 exclusively at first or is there any chance that it will be working with 8.0 from the start?

best ...Gunnar

On 9/18/2014 6:12 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
I have a Raspberry Pi and am personally I'm not a fan (POSbox is based on) because it's slow compared to a Pcduino, lacks analog connections, Wifi, LVDS for an inexpensive connection to an LCD, SATA, and more than 1 PWM output. I have a robotics project where I'm using 20 analog inputs, 6 PWMs, and tons of other pins. I'd rather just start with the best hardware, trust me, you'll need it. 

I also tested the Arduino Yun and the Arduino beta software that works with it is buggy as hell. I chased my tail for 2 weeks trying to get Software Serial connections working. Plus it's expensive. I'd rather write native Python or C directly on Linux (like the RPi). 

If someone wants to make some framework that works with tons of different hardware go for it but I think it's going to be  ton of extra work. I'd rather just focus on a small number of items. 

There are two fingerprint sensors, one from Adafruit and one from Sparkfun. I tested both and Adafruit was easier to get working. So let's all use that one. If someone finds an NFC reader that works well let's jump on that one. No need to support 4 different sensors that all do the same thing. 

Same for temperature/humidity, etc. 

Let's get a wishlist of what else people might do with embedded hardware, sensors, etc. 

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 2:35 PM, Jean-Marc Vandel <> wrote:
Hi !

  Great projet! :-)

  I would put an NFC reader in place of the fingerprint reader or in addition, as an option: in some countries people may find it a breach of privacy to give their fingerprints but would be willing to use their smartphone or a cheap passive NFC tag...

  And apart from the price, is there a good reason not to use the same hardware as the POSbox?
  Wouldn't it be simpler to have a single hardware for POS, attendance and other Odoo-related real-time data capture?

  With all my best regards,

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