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MONK Software, Leonardo Donelli
- 09/17/2014 09:52:59
Hi all,
Recently I've been looking for a module and the various OCA
repositories README files are not that helpful. Most of the times it's
just something along the lines of:

> Repo name: account-payment
> This project includes modules that handle payment related tasks.

> Repo name: manufacture
> Odoo modules related to Manufacturing

Not really helpful, so I had to look at the files of
all the modules in there.
I think it would be nice and a good way to improve the OCA projects to
extend the repositories README to include:
 * A full description of what kind of modules are in that repo, not
just "manufacturing related modules
 * An updated list of modules in that repo, with each voice indicating
the modue name, technical name, and a rough overview of the module
purpose, with a link to the specific module README if it exists (now
that is possibile to use README files as module
descriptions!) which should be a lot more detailed and include
possible problems, TODO, how to use and so on.

Or it could even be considered to start using the repositories github
wikis which I've seen are enabled.

What do you think?