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Re: OCA and modules dependencies

Daniel Reis
- 09/17/2014 09:53:01
> I also want to say here that we're thinking within the board to create 
> a kind of incubator for new commers / modules. This way, we will be 
> able to identify the candidates to enter in the OCA.
This is important. Accepting new modules in OCA is not a simple thing:
- on one hand well intentioned contributors can feel frustrated with the 
obstacles to accept modules
- on another hand, easing the review criteria can lead to new modules 
added used by very few people, and still add a maintenance burden to the 
community. (See how many modules never get ported between Odoo versions.)

Ideally, the OCA "core" modules should be actively used and maintained 
by more than one party.
If a module is not actively maintained by at least 2 or 3 parties, it 
should no be on OCA core.
(BTW, this is why there are so many stale PRs on new modules - people 
won't go to the trouble to review a module if they don't see an interest 

But having (only) that would be a shame, since it would leave in 
anonymity many good candidates to the core.

So an interim stage is needed.
Maybe this could be as simple as list of GitHut Organizations that are 
"voluntarily associated" to OCA and accept some terms with that 
association. Or maybe an "OCA candidates" GH Organization.