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Re: [SPAM] Odoo Review Day

Eva Pinter
- 09/13/2014 03:38:18
Thank you Lionel

Eva P.

On 12 Sep 2014, at 16:02, Lionel Sausin <> wrote:

Le 12/09/2014 16:11, Eva Pinter a écrit :
> Hello Maxime,
> I would like to participate. How long is the review day lasting?
> Thanks for your reply
> Eva P.
Basically you can participate any time you want to.
It' s just that on Fridays, we ask the contributors are to be ready to 
reply to questions from the reviewers. Some contributors also connect to 
the IRC channel #openobject (or has it changed?) and you can chat with them.
People are usually most available during office hours, which vary 
depending on their time zone and company.
Lionel Sausin.

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