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Re: V8.0 pos gives wrong price when using min qty in pos pricelist

- 09/12/2014 12:02:03
I think the customer is working fine in the pos in 8.0.

But the key problem I started with remains with the pricelist, you can link the pos with the public pricelist, but the quantity discount doesn't work !

Supose if a customer buys 1 piece he pays 10 euro/piece, but when he buys 10 the pays 9 euro/piece.

I know the pos should work offline and caching is done and so on, and ok it should work DRY (we don't want to rewrite the pricecalculation method again in javascript).

But I think this is basic functionality in alot of shops in the world ... right ?


2014-09-12 17:11 GMT+02:00 Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli <>:
I don't know what version you tried, but in 8.0 since at least a month
you can select the customer from the POS interface. Click on the tab
on top, you'll see the list of partners.

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