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Re: Total utilization of Modules

Agile Business Group sagl, Lorenzo Battistini - Software Engineer, Agile Business Group
- 09/12/2014 03:26:07
On 09/11/2014 01:21 PM, Sylvain LE GAL wrote:
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1/ Communication based on volontary action:
We can imagine that there is some features on a website where we can log in and share informations on each module / repository we used or we tried. As other "apps store" (Ubuntu, ...). it is possible to put a notation / notations about modules (covered feature, stability, documentation, etc...) and extra comments.
In this way and if Odoo SA is agree we can reuse and propose that extra-features
I like it.
Odoo apps could implement the rating and reviewing system a la apple store and google play

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