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Re: Total utilization of Modules

Daniel Reis
- 09/11/2014 18:11:26

Usage statistics is also something I would love to see.
This would also help OCA understand where to invest in maintenance efforts.
I believe the best solution is to have a voluntarily module that 
regularly gathers statistics and sends it to a server.


On git-subtree and pip, I tend to believe that none of these are good 
For the foreseeing future, the best solution for the dependency 
management is to bundle closely related modules in a repo.
This is also more comfortable to maintain, and gives incentive to split 
modules into smaller parts.

This is also why I'm having doubts if distributing single modules, as 
the pip work tried to do, is a good idea.
Maybe it's best to distribute repos instead of single modules.
And maybe we don't need a server to host the packages, since GitHub 
provides tarballs.
So, maybe pip is not the best tool for the job.

Just thinking out loud, any other opinions are welcome.