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Re: Total utilization of Modules

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 09/11/2014 15:26:47

some comments: in the future (2 years window?) we better manage to reach a situation where 1 module = 1 repo. Git-subtree will also make this much easier now we are on git.

Now, as I use to remind, going there is actually a matter of managing dependencies properly (with versions and specific repo because yes things aren't magically stable and released all of sudden, in fact helping with the maturing phase is the most critical feature to have, not the distribution of broken stuff). That means eventually connect to Daniel Reis work on pip etc...

Once we will have that we will have these per module download stats. So probably not interesting to invest on a clumsy alternative meanwhile.

That being said, software that use to do that (I know Netbeans for instance) use to have an opt-in option to allow sending these data back. Not sure if that will be welcome in an ERP though given the critical and confidential nature of the information.

But finally, is there a point about tracking download figures?

OpenERP/Odoo already opted to trade credibility for growing figures of any sorts like download counts or website visitors to a point that sometimes becomes ridicule. Other followed that path before, I encourage you to analyse the final supernovae moments of Openbravo for instance with ridicule rising downloads figures all over the place to keep investors with inflated expectations till the very last day. One can certainly inflate download figures to any wanted levels as it's just a matter of burning some credibility in making fool promises.

And if I track download figures of a module called "Magento-connector-something" I will probably get 1000x or 10 000x more downloads than companies really using it. Because people will reach it with inflated expectations encourages by speculative attitude of any sorts but mostly unable to use it because it's quite sophisticated (don't get me wrong some use it and very are happy to use it, it's just not something easy).
Now, if I have a little modest "sale_cancel_reason" OCA module for instance, there is a good chance the guy reaching it will actually use it. and may be there will only be 50x or 100x more people downloading than really using it.

So will comparing that "Magento-connector-something" to "sale_cancel_reason" download figures bring us anywhere?
Will it mean anything to say ""Magento-connector-something" is 10 000x more popular than "sale_cancel_reason" ??!?

Sorry but I doubt. IMHO there are way more interesting ways to spend our energy. One of them being helping all that coming back to planet earth before it's too late.

What I was suggesting Sylvain, was a kind of opt-in thing from real world implementors to eventually share to who they want (or simply collect) what repo they actually put in their buildout.cfg, but that was only an idea. By staying in serious stuff we would taint results with what people simply dream about that is probably better covered by doing surveys or film making ;-)

IMHO there are whole new scales of real popularity to achieve before thinking to an "Alexa Rank" of Odoo module ;-)


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Yannick Vaucher <> wrote:
Github also gives few information about which project is the most downloaded.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know which module is used.


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 1:19 PM, Sylvain LE GAL <> wrote:
Hi all,

I recently talked with Raphael Valyi (Akretion) and we was agree with a basic need: We would like to know which modules / repositories are used by the community.

Currently, it's not very easy to have this information. The only information (I know) is the Download Quantity on and if I understand correctly, this information is based on:
- direct download number;
- number of people using this module on saas;
(Please correct me if I'm wrong on this point)

So, If we deploy server using git / bzr command / buildout, etc... Nobody can knows that we're using some modules (and in which version of Odoo). Maybe I'm wrong but I think that most of us deploy server in this ways.

I basically see two solutions to meet this need. (if you see other please share your ideas):

1/ Communication based on volontary action:
We can imagine that there is some features on a website where we can log in and share informations on each module / repository we used or we tried. As other "apps store" (Ubuntu, ...). it is possible to put a notation / notations about modules (covered feature, stability, documentation, etc...) and extra comments.
In this way and if Odoo SA is agree we can reuse and propose that extra-features.

2/ Automatic Communication:
In other way, we can imagine some tools that send regularly to a server informations on which module we are using.
- an Odoo module with cron task;
- a script that parse buildout configuration files; (but in that case, we'll have only the most popular repositories and not the most used modules);
- other...

What do you think about that ?
Do you need too this informations ?

Thanks & Regards

By the way, I recently developped a module to see repositories used in your server. (If you deploy using git / bzr repo)
The Pull Request is ready to review here and you can see screenshot here.
Comments & reviews are welcome.

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