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Re: how to read XLS file in Odoo

Marcelo Bello
- 09/11/2014 14:29:32
If you do not find a reliable way of doing it inside Odoo, I suggest you consider using Google Drive + Google Apps Script. You can, for instance, create a Google Apps Script that checks for emails with attached Excel files, get it to convert the Excel file to the native Google Docs format and then get the CSV extraction of the converted Excel sent to an email or delivered in any way you like. 

So you could have Odoo send the file to a specific email address and wait for the CSV to come back. 

Alternatively, you can create a folder on GDrive - call it, say, "TO_BE_PROCESSED", have Odoo upload the Excel file to this Google Drive folder using the python libraries for Google Docs and then have a Google Apps Script convert the data in any way you like. 

I have a few Google Apps Script to do this sort of thing, the processing does not happen in realtime (I usually schedule my scripts to run every 5 mins), but it is reliable.

if you choose to go this route and need some coding help on Google Apps Script let me know.

Good luck,


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 11:16 AM, abhishek jaiswal <> wrote:
Hi all,

Can any body please tell how to read and process excel file in Odoo or any example

it will be very help full thanks

With Warm Regards
Abhishek Jaiswal,

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