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Re: V8.0 pos gives wrong price when using min qty in pos pricelist

Sylvain LE GAL
- 09/11/2014 10:40:16

My customers use POS (in V7) but the back-office mode. (not the front-end).

In front-end, a lot of features are not implemented:
- It doesn't compute the price depending of the default price_list (your bug);
- It is not possible to select another price list; (basic need)
- It is not possible to select a customer; (very basic need), but I developped a module to do that if you're interested, it's here (V7 Merge Proposal);
- ... ... ...

It's a big work to implement correctly pricelist in Javascript as said by Fréderic, but maybe a little code sprint with some developpers could solve this problem.
In that case, Odoo has to be agree to integrate our Pull request in the trunk, because doing that in a OCA module is painfull.

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2014-09-11 15:48 GMT+02:00 Peter Langenberg <>:

When using the pos, you can link this to a pricelist (public pricelist).

Supose if a customer buys 1 piece he pays 10 euro/piece, but when he buys 10 the pays 9 euro/piece.

In public pricelist you can add a minimum quantity, this works for the sales order, but doesn't work for the POS.

I'm just asking myself, is this a generic problem ? Is this a bug or a new feature ?

I already talked with support and I've put it also on github, where it was closed and put on wishlist.

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